Built Right Roofing and Construction Team's New Year's Resolutions and Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! The team at Built Right decided a fun way to start the new year would be to share the goals and resolutions that we have for 2023! Our number one goal is to make sure it's built right ever time. Our personal and work goal themes range from focusing on our health, connection, money saving, time with family, gratitude, and making our company the best we can be. Without further ado, here are Team Built Right's list of 2023 resolutions and goals!

Jake Hofer, Owner

Jake is making his health a priority and working on eliminating caffeine.


Andy Hoover, Owner

Andy is making team connection his goal for 2023. He plans to check in with make everyone feel included. Jake suggested he hug everyone daily. 😂


Leah Hofer, CFO

Leah is making gratitude her focus for 2023.


Lesley Giesey, Sales Support and Training

Lesley is also making gratitude her focus for 2023. Leah and Lesley are holding each other accountable. 😁


Brett Robert, Production Manager

Brett is working on being more present with his family and putting his phone away at night. 


Shelby Roe, Sales

Shelby is making her health a priority in 2023 by making healthy lifestyle choices.


Bryce Worthing, Sales

Bryce is focusing on taking care of the little things in life and traveling more.


Jeff Deisinger, Construction Superintendent

Jeff is working on stressing less and spending more time with his family.

Jacob Houterman, Gutters

Jacob is working to save money for a new vehicle and hitting the gym more often. 🏋️‍♂️


Charles Sherwood, Runner

Charles is working to save more money for Jeep parts to keep the dang thing running!

What are some of your New Year's resolutions and goals for 2023?


We hope you make your roof, siding, and gutters a priority in 2023! Call for your free inspection today! (605) 484-1938