The average home in South Dakota receives a hailstorm 5-6 times a year. Many of these storms produce small hail that does not cause damage to homes. About once every 5-7 years most homes are going to be caught in a larger hailstorm with hailstones averaging over 1" in diameter. When this happens, it is good to get your roof checked by a trustworthy roofing contractor.

We recommend you start by asking your insurance agent for a roofing contractor recommendation. When you call your agent tell them that you don't want to file a claim quite yet, but that you want to have roof inspected for damage. This may save you from filing an unnecessary claim. Insurance agents deal with hail claims and roofing contractors all the time. They know who is good and who to avoid because they are in contact with other customers throughout their claim process and hear the good, the bad, and the ugly on all the local roofing contractors.

We also recommend you check out Google maps. You can simply search the term "roofing contactor", "roofing contractor near me" or "best roofing contractor". You can then read reviews of any roofing company that appears in your search. Google reviews are great because any customer can post them and companies cannot pay to have bad ones removed. This is more trust worthy than asking for references as reviews are unfiltered by the company and based on real experiences of actual customers. Avoid searching through other services or websites as many of them are pay to play services and contractors can pay money to hide bad reviews and be listed near the top ranking. 

You may have contractors knocking on your door soliciting free inspections. I recommend that you do a quick Google search of their company before letting them on your roof. If the company has good ratings and the representative looks professional, as in they have a company shirt on and they are driving a company vehicle with commercial plates, I would feel comfortable letting them inspect my roof as long as you don't sign anything before hand and the inspection is free. Ask them to provide you with photos of any damage that they find. These days roofers, even the good ones, utilize door to door sales. Especially when they are already working with neighboring houses. 

After a hail storm you may notice yard signs popping up in your neighbors yards. In our case, this means we have a signed contract with that homeowner to complete their repairs. If you know your neighbors, ask them who they recommend, or drive through your neighborhood and get numbers of roofing companies from yard signs in neighbors yards. Avoid the contractors that spam public areas such as stop signs, ditches, and empty fields with yard signs. Often reputable companies will only place signs in yards of which they have a contract with the homeowner. 

Make sure the contractor you choose is licensed, has insurance, is bonded, and has an active shingle manufacturer certification. 

South Dakota does not require a state level license. Individual towns or counties often do require licenses so you can check with your local courthouse website to find out if a contractor is licensed. We are licensed in Rapid City, Spearfish, Sturgis, Custer, Hill City, Hot Springs, Sioux Falls, and many other South Dakota towns and counties.  Any reputable contractor should be able to provide you with a copy of their liability insurance upon asking. We are insured for $2M as well as carry workers comp insurance. Bonding is not required in South Dakota but We at Built Right do carry a bond of $30,000.00. This means that if you pay us a down payment of $30k and we get struck by lightning, or disappear from the face of the earth, our bond will reimburse you in full. Shingle manufacture certifications ensure that the contractor is a full time roofer and takes their job seriously. You may also be able to get special warranties by having your roof installed by a certified installer. We are certified by CertainTeed, Malarkey, Owens Corning, and GAF shingle manufacturers. 

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