Christmas is fast approaching! Your friends at Built Right Roofing & Construction want to make sure your roof is ready for Santa and his sleigh!

It’s easy for Santa to land on a flat roof but what if your roof isn’t flat? How does Santa land on a steep roof? Houses in Rapid City with steep pitches are more challenging but not impossible!

  1. Straddle the ridge - the ridge is the highest point where two inclines meet. These are sometimes referred to as the peak. Ridges are horizontal so Santa’s sleigh runners (the part that would touch the roof) would be able to straddle the ridge and he could pop down the chimney!
  2. Park facing upward - for roofs with a pitch of 4:12 or less, which are easily walkable by people, elves, reindeer, and even Santa, Santa parks the sleigh facing up to keep it secure, then exits to find the chimney.
  3. Hover - If Santa decides there isn’t a safe place to park on your roof, he can use magic to hover above your house and quickly rush in to deliver your presents, eat any cookies left, and get back to his sleigh.

Here are some ways you can prepare for Santa’s safe arrival:

  • Visually scan the outside of your home and roof for signs of damage like missing shingles or storm damage. You can request a free roof inspection and avoid the hassle of doing it yourself!  (Call us at 605-484-1938)
  • Fix any loose shingles before his arrival. The last thing you want is the reindeer slipping as they come in for their landing.
  • Use Christmas lights as a runway to help guide Santa and his team of reindeer – just make sure to only do the perimeter and not directly nail or staple lights onto your shingles.
  • Make sure to clean your gutters before Christmas Eve. You don’t want reindeer munching on dead leaves and debris while they wait for Santa.
  • Avoid hanging excessive decorations on your roof. You want plenty of room for the reindeer and sleigh to land and take off, without damaging your festive décor.
  • Make sure your chimney is clean. You don’t want Santa to get hurt or dirty on his way into your house, right?
  • Look out for ice dams. An ice dam is ice that forms on the edge of your roof (near the gutters) and prevents melting snow from draining off your roof. This is caused by ventilation and insulation issues. The water backs up behind the dam and can leak into your home and cause damage. If you notice this is happening, make sure to reach out to us!

Keeping your roof in good condition will put you on Santa’s nice list for years to come. Need help with your roof before the big day? Contact Built Right for more information and tips! We hope you have a great holiday season, a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!