What are class 4 shingles?

If you live in an area susceptible to hail such as Rapid City, South Dakota, you may have heard the term “class 4 shingles”. Class 4 is the highest possible rating a roofing product can receive for its resistance to hail damage. It is fair to point out that most shingles do not feature a class rating distincion. Shingles that do not have a rating are not necessarily bad shingles, they just haven't been tested to withstand hail. There is a far greater chance that the current shingles on your home do not have a rating. Much of the country does not receive hail large enough to damage shingles so manufacturers focus most of their energy and production time into making shingles that resist wind and damage from the sun. When replacing your roof in Rapid City or another area that is susceptible to hail, it is wise to look into paying the cost to upgrade to a class 4 impact resistant shingle.

Class 4 shingles receive their rating when they pass the UL2218 testing. Certified lab technicians drop a steel ball of 2" in diameter onto a shingles from 20 feet high. This generates 23.71 ft-lbs of energy to the 2" area that the ball impacts. There must be no tearing, fracturing, cracking, or rupturing for the shingle to pass the test. Some shingle manufacturers also make Class 3 shingles. These are made to withstand damage from a 1.75" steel ball. Class 3 shingles can cost slightly less than the Class 4 option so they are a good option if you are on a budget. Other roofing products can receive a Class 4 rating as well, such as as, metal roofing, composite roofing options like Euroshield, F-Wave, Da Vinci, Etc. 

Class 4 shingles typically cost about 20% more than standard shingles. This is a worthwhile investment because insurance companies typically offer a discount on yearly premium if a roof has class 4 shingles because it is less likely that the insurance will have to buy a new roof in the future from hail damage. Those with a class 4 roof can also save money on the next hail storm when your neighbors all need new roofs, consequentially having to pay their insurance deductible again, while those with class 4 roofing will not need a new roof, thus no claim, no deductible to pay. 

We have seen class 4 shingles survive hailstorms where every neighboring roof received severe damage. If you live in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota or any other area susceptible to hail damage you should consider a class 4 shingle next time you replace your roof.

To learn more about how we can install class 4 shingles for you, give us a call, we’d love to chat about upgrading your shingles!