What you should know about you Built Right Hardie Siding Project

We need a place to store materials and equipment

Your new siding will come stacked on pallets approx 12' long and 4' wide. There are usually 2 of these per home. We also have a 20' long by 8' wide gooseneck dump trailer that we will need to park either in the driveway or the street. In addition, we need to park our 16' long by 8' wide tool trailer

Construction is messy

While we work to keep a clean job site, please be aware that nails, or scraps may be present around your home during the construction process.

There are no joint clips

Joint clips are common on lesser siding products like engineered wood siding. Fiber cement siding does not require joint clips because it does not require a large gap between pieces that needs to be covered. We do install a back-flashings behind each joint to keep water from getting behind the siding.


We do not caulk above the windows and doors

Instead we install a metal flashing. This is so that if any water gets behind the siding it is able to run down and escape rather than becoming trapped above your window.


We leave a gap between the siding and the roofline

We then install a 3.5" trim board over the step flashing to create a better, more finished appearance.

Where your siding meets your deck will look different

Most decks are installed on top of the siding. We will cut the existing siding around the deck, and install a drip cap flashing to protect the ledger board. We are required to leave a gap of 2" between the deck and the siding boards. We then install a 3.5" trim board over the deck flashing to create a better, more finished appearance.

We will need to touch up your new siding

We take every precaution to not damage or nick your siding but pre-finished siding can be damaged in shipping and handling. It is acceptable per manufacturer instructions to touch up these small areas with their approved touch up paint.

• Care should be taken when handling and cutting James Hardie ColorPlus® products. During installation use a wet soft cloth or soft brush to gently wipe off any
residue or construction dust left on the product, then rinse with a garden hose.
• Touch up nicks, scrapes and nail heads using the ColorPlus
® Technology touch-up applicator. Touch-up should be used sparingly.
If large areas require touch-up, replace the damaged area with new HardiePlank
® lap siding with ColorPlus® Technology.
• Laminate sheet must be removed immediately after installation of each course.
• Terminate non-factory cut edges into trim where possible, and caulk. Color matched caulks are available from your ColorPlus
® product dealer.
• Treat all other non-factory cut edges using the ColorPlus Technology edge coaters, available from your ColorPlus product dealer.
Note: James Hardie does not warrant the usage of third party touch-up or paints used as touch-up on James Hardie ColorPlus products.

We create blocks to retro-fit Penetrations

When your home built, they sided the home before the HVAC contractor came and cut into the siding for penetrations. Since the penetrations are already installed and the lap sizes may differ between your existing and new siding. We create retro-fit blocks around the penetrations to create a finished and professional appearance.

We love to take before, during and after pictures

We can send you a link of all photos from your project at your request. We also would like to use photos of your home for advertising!

We look forward to your project!